How does Speech4Good help those with speech disorders?

Delayed Auditory Feedback

Speak smoothly with delayed auditory feedback (DAF), a chorus effect that has been proven to enhance fluency for speech disorders like stuttering.

  • Adjustable delay levels (20-300 milliseconds)
  • Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or AirPlay

Digital Speech Graph

View variations in your voice in realtime. By instantly charting your speech across a digital oscilloscope, Speech4Good offers clear visual cues to heighten awareness of disfluencies or under-articulation.

  • Switch "OFF" or tap the graph to freezeframe

Audio recordings

Record your practice session for up to ten minutes while using DAF and speech graph. Type session notes and save your practice to an organized library for easy data collection.

  • Recording in high-quality, .m4a audio file

Email your recordings

Share your recorded therapy sessions via email. Speech4Good makes it easy to export your recordings for review at anytime.

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