We believe that the right technology can make all the difference in your speech therapy.

In Summer of 2007, the idea for Speech4Good came to founder Jack McDermott on train home from Boston. A lifelong stutterer, Jack attended intensive speech therapy at the New England Fluency Program for several weeks. Traveling to and from therapy each day, he longed for a simple and effective way to practice speech therapy techniques from anywhere.

Not long after, Apple introduced the App Store, allowing developers to build and sell applications for iPhone, iPod touch and (later) iPad. The connection was made immediately; instead of "1,000 songs in your pocket," Jack dreamed of speech therapy in your pocket.
The team was comprised of students from Tufts University and Harvard University, working together despite their Red Line rivalry to design a new way to access speech therapy tools. The app officially launched in October of 2011 while using the latest in iOS software to digitize several aspects of the speech therapy experience. Speech4Good has since been featured in numerous blogs, textbooks and ASHA conferences.

Today, Speech4Good is used by thousands of students and speech-language pathologists from all around the world. And we have enjoyed every moment along the way.

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